We talked to Gemma Freeman, ALULU Founder,  about her heartfelt passion to empower women as she takes us back to where it all began. 

Where it began. 

Cabarita, on the East Coast of Australia, is a place where pandanus trees line the beaches, and the ocean meets a rocky headland. It is also here, in 2017, that the essence of ALULU was born. 

Back then Gemma was 12 years deep into a career within the product development industry and working for an Australian fashion company.

Like many other mums, she was also juggling full time work and a young family.

The desire.

Despite an idyllic lifestyle, spending most of her spare time by the water, she never felt relaxed. She eventually realised these feelings were related to the fact that she just wasn't comfortable in what she was wearing.

Gemma found it difficult to find swimwear that gave her the coverage and support she so badly needed to keep up with her two energetic boys. It wasn't a big ask, she just wanted to feel like nothing was going to fall out and that everything was lifted and supported. But most of all, she wanted to feel calm and at ease. 

So Gemma began asking other women where they shopped for their swimwear, hoping to find a definitive solution to her active-mum problems, but nothing seemed to match what she was looking for - comfortable, supportive, premium quality swimwear with a youthful feel. 

Chasing a feeling. 

Realising she was not alone with her challenges, Gemma embarked on a journey to make it easier for young women and other mothers to feel happy and body confident by the water. 

Armed with a supportive husband, a 4 year old, a 1 year old they converted their garage into a warehouse, and set about creating a solution. 

Working hours late into the night and navigating mum-of-two life, the dream slowly began to take shape.

Fast forward to today...

Thank you.

ALULU now has a supportive team, and a strong community of women behind it. 

If you are reading this, we want you to know that we see you every day. We see your feedback and messages of support and thank our lucky stars!

The joy we feel when we see our swimsuits on beautiful bodies all around the world will also never fade.

With so much passion poured into these swimsuits, together with our beautiful community of strong and supportive women, we are reclaiming comfort, support and style for ALL bodies. 

Thank you! 


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