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Supportive Swimwear for Women

CABARITA - It was here, in 2017, that the essence of ALULU was born. The story of ALULU is one of seeking comfort, quality & function. A story of a heartfelt passion to empower women. The lack of these aspects in the swimwear market was a source of personal frustration to me and I was determined to create swimwear pieces that allowed women of all bodies to feel empowered, beautiful, supported and able to experience the joys of the water. 

The Story. 

Three years ago I was working in product development for an Australian fashion company, after a 12 year career within the product development industry. I had two young children and because we spent most of our spare time by the water, I found I never felt relaxed. I realised that this was because I wasn't comfortable. I didn't have anything I felt good in that was appropriate beachside attire that I could comfortably move around in, and I was always asking other women where they shop for their swimwear, hoping to hear that they’d discovered what I needed. I found it difficult to find swimwear that gave me the coverage and support I so badly needed to keep up with my two energetic boys.

​I wanted to feel like nothing was going to fall out, I wanted to feel like everything was lifted and supported, and most of all I wanted to feel calm and at ease. ​It was then that I embarked on a journey with the goal to make it easier for women to feel happy and confident by the water.

Armed with a supportive husband, a 4 year old, a 1 year old and a garage converted into a warehouse, I was determined to make it happen. Working hours late into the night and navigating mum of two life, I started to see the dream coming alive. 

The Community. 

​Today we have a strong community of women behind us, and I want you to know that I see you. I see your messages, and I feel your support.
I personally get so much joy from seeing our swimsuits worn by the beautiful bods of women around the world. We have achieved so much already, and with so much passion poured into these swimsuits, together with our beautiful community of strong & supportive women. 
The best part is, I know the best is yet to come...
Gemma x