At ALULU, we make luxe swimwear in real sizes for YOU, so you can feel like the beautiful magic you truely are & do YOU with confidence. 
ALULU was born out of a multi-faceted need for swimwear that is luxe, yet caters for real sizes. We utilise key swim performance functionality as well as the latest developments in earth friendly fabric properties, making premium swimwear ranging from size 10-20. 
We start with the best quality fabrics and design our shapes to be flattering, comfortable, functional and above all, to make you feel good.  
We believe that feeling good is the right of all women - and we work hard to make sure you don't have to just "make do" with swimwear that just doesn't fit, feel good, or last the distance. 
The confidence is already in you - ALULU swimwear just makes it shine. At ALULU you belong.



We are making conscious steps towards sustainability and we are committed to minimising our footprint on our planet, through our business practices and manufacturing processes.  From the fabrics we choose, to our printing and dying processes, right through to the artisans we choose to work with, we believe that collectively, small steps can have big benefit for future generations. 


As part of our journey towards sustainability, we have introduced our premium Italian eco-friendly swimwear fabric which uses regenerated materials salvaged from our oceans. The result is beautiful fabric using 100% regenerated nylon that has the potential to be recycled infinitely. 


For our apparel fabrics, we are proud to be using fabrics where the fabric products have been grown according to strict guidelines on the use of fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic products, and our printing and dying is certified be free of harmful chemicals.  We are always looking at ways we can be more ethical and kinder to the environment.


Our packaging is kept minimal, is biodegradable with no toxic residues (or micro-plastics!), and is compostable.  As part of our commitment to protecting our beautiful planet, ALULU also donates monthly to Surfaid and Take3fortheSea. It makes us so happy to be learning and growing towards a more sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants!


Together we are strong ♡.