INSPIRE | 6 Ways to Create a Cosy Home 


Our surroundings have such a profound effect on how we feel. 

One way to infuse a little peace and relaxation into your home is by being intentional about your living space. Creating routines, making a few minor changes to the decor, and keeping your senses happy can make all the difference to your mood. Here are some of our essential tips for raising the vibration of your home.

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An uncluttered home can translate to a clear, calm state of mind. The simple act of clearing away items piled up on the end of the kitchen bench or removing excess shoes and accessories from an entrance can help us feel lighter and more ready to tackle the day. With less clutter around us, settling our mind is much easier. A little organisation can go a long way to a peaceful home, especially when multiple people share one living space.

Scented candles & oils

Filling a room with one of your favourite essential oil-based scents can immediately give you a sense of peace. A fresh, sweet or woody scent can boost your mood and transport your mind to a relaxing place in nature. We love lighting scented candles in our own home to create a peaceful environment.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is key to changing the overall feel of a space. Install dimmer switches in all rooms except perhaps the most functional rooms. Dimmer switches allow you to control the level of overhead light and, therefore, the mood in a room. Leave the bright task lighting to places like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

We also like to use strategically placed lamps and candles to achieve an intimately lit atmosphere at home.

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Texture instantly gives your home a luscious cosiness to sink into in winter. Include textural fabrics on furniture and accessories such as cushions and throws. Natural fibres, chunky knits and plush rugs all add depth and warmth to your space. But even textural stone and wood on the walls, floors, tabletops, and sculptures can be considered warm and cosy if balanced with enough softness. 

Comfortable Seating

All the layers, lighting and textural elements are nothing without somewhere comfortable to sit. Comfortable chairs, sofas you can sink into, and the odd bean bag or floor cushion (if this matches your style) are a must. Intimately position your seating to encourage conversation, then add a few low side tables beside seating to pull everything together. 

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Flowers & Plants

Flowers and plants in the home will make you happier, according to science. Plants and flowers also help to add both colour and texture, which ultimately create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Group lots of plants in one room to create a calm and cosy, almost jungle-like feel. Alternatively, add one or two statement plants in a room, like a potted fiddle leaf fig, a palm, or a vase of flowers, on a table or sideboard. 

Essential to remember before shopping up a storm at the garden centre - plants do require regular care. Care for them well, though, and they will inject wow factor into any space. Neglect them, and there goes any hope of achieving the ultimate cosy living vibes. Because there is nothing worse than sad-looking plants bringing down the mood of a room.



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