What Our Customers Think About Our Brand!


We are so lucky to have such great community support of women at ALULU. Our customer opinion's mean so much to us and we are so appreciative of their feedback. 

We asked our customers their honest opinions on their previous ALULU purchases and this is what they had to say....

Coco Sofia Swimwear Top & Coco Meilani Swimwear Pant


“Swimwear shopping can be hard, but when you find what I consider to be the holy grail of swimwear. You need to tell everyone about it!

Cool comfortable, an absolute winner. I haven’t worn a bikini for so many years. This brand has inspired me to finally buy and wear one with pride. It’s an amazing, stylish, funky Australian swimwear brand, using recycled fabrics and it’s supportive for a curvier figure

I find that as a mum it’s hard to find bathers that don’t look ‘mumsy’. I’m 43 years young, and don’t think I’m ready to wear the frill skirt type of swimwear just yet. I think these are funky, cool, I think I look good. Im so happy with them. They’re fully lined and have been tested swimming and in the surf, I’ve been bodyboarding with my children and nothing has popped out and it’s all stayed in place. I feel comfortable and cool. 

There are so many different prints, quite a few different styles of pant and tops. I’ve got F cup boobs, and I think it gives them such good shape. The Sofia Swimwear Top has a nice low cut, without pushing them up and out too much that they’re in your face. The straps are nice and thick without being too thick. The adjustable strap is great too, I wear mine on the middle setting. Once you’ve strapped it in, it doesn’t come undone. 

The pant is really high waist, so I find its a really good transition for someone who is not used to wearing bikinis. It gives a little bit of coverage but then a little peak-a-boo of skin. I think it’s amazing. It’s a thick, textured fabric that just holds you in and sculpts. The high waist is really flattering, it’s cheeky but not too cheeky where you’ve got your body hanging out. “

Zulu Bralette & Zulu Sculpt Swimwear Pant


I have been wearing this brand for quite a few years now, and I keep coming back. The support, the fabric, the print, and the customer service is second to none. The fact it’s an Australian business is just an added bonus!

When I’m headed to the beach, I’m wearing my Zulu’s which is the newest addition to my ALULU collection. 

It’s the blues, the purples and the abstract palm print for me. I’m feeling a little bit sad that I hadn’t bought this earlier because it is stunning. The fabric is buttery soft, super supportive and everything I want in swimwear. 

I find the Bralette is a perfect cut for a bigger busted girl, it has a thick strap underneath, underwire, fabulous coverage with a thick shoulder strap and super cute gold hardware for adjusting. It is my go-to because when I go to the beach, I’m running after three children, paddle boarding and carrying all my bags around. Wearing this top - I feel supported, but also feel like I’m a feminine mother who is feeling good about herself!

I pair my Zulu Bralette with my Zulu Sculpt pant. It’s a higher rise, high waisted, nice coverage around the front, tucks in the mum tum whilst giving a little cheek at the back. I’m feeling good, feeling supported, I always do in my ALULU bikinis.

Clementine Maha Swimwear Top & Clementine Maison Swimwear Pant


"As a plus sized girl, I’m always on the hunt for good quality swimwear that supports my bust, comfortable and made from good quality fabrics. 

This is genuinely the first time I have ever worn a two piece swimsuit and felt confident. 

The pants are high waisted and sit at the perfect part on my waist, they show a little bit of skin which is a little bit sassy and that’s just enough for me. 

The swimwear top has a cute little cut out right in the middle, and sits at the smallest part of my waist. 

Something I love is you can outfit it with a pair of pants or a skirt, I can go from lunch straight to the beach."

Stella Maha Swimwear Top & Rani Meilani Swimwear Pant


“I’m in a bikini! It’s so nice, I really like the Camilla pant as it’s a little different to my original Sculpt Swimwear Pants, and even different again to the Meilani Pants, but they still feel really nice with great coverage. 

I like the Bralette, as I can adjust the straps with ease. It’s super supportive, and feels like everything is going to stay in there. The clasp at the back is super easy to get on, I like to range from the last clasp to the middle depending on how tight I want it - but good to know I’ve got the option especially over the years when it’s worn in.

I really like the prints, and the ribbed fabric. It feels like it gives me that extra bit of support and holds everything in nicely. I can paddle board in this and feel comfortable, and running after the kids at the beach. 

Another favourite thing about ALULU is you can mix and match. I love the Swim wraps and find them really handy. I like to wrap it once around the back and tie it at the front. I can’t stay in the sun very long uncovered, so it’s a nice little addition to my collection. It actually looks like i’m wearing a one piece underneath, when I wear my wrap.. haha!

I’m in between sizes, but after speaking to the customer service team it’s easy to find that I can size up in certain tops/bottoms depending on what I feel”.

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We start with the best quality fabrics and design our shapes to be flattering, comfortable, functional and above all, to make you feel good.  

We work hard to make sure you don't have to just "make do" with swimwear that just doesn't fit, feel good, or last the distance.


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