LIFESTYLE | Tips for keeping your cool this December


December is, without a doubt, the most stressful month of the year for most of us. I have to ask, why it is that for the other eleven months, you're lucky to get one invitation a month, then December 1 rolls around, and boom, as quick as a flash, your party card becomes tattered, loses a shoe and can't remember what happened yesterday. And you, my Angel, are beyond overwhelmed with adult life.

I love a 'do' as much as anyone. But throw in a festive night out with the girls, an end of year party at the gym...more cocktails, and a few summer bbq's, and I'm nearly done. 

Add three work Christmas parties in as well (because no one has a full-time job anymore), and my liver starts sending me SOS messages. Then comes Christmas shopping, food preparation, family tension, and I've suddenly become old. 

All I want to do is fast forward to January - alone, unconscious by the pool, iced coconut water in hand. 

Who's making sure the kids don't drown in this scene, you ask? Umm, maybe you should check in with their dad because January-Me is in emergency recovery mode.

If all this sounds very familiar, then we need an intervention girl. Let's just look at a few ways to reign in the chaos and stress, so you don't collapse come January 1. 

TIP 1: Make friends with your calendar

Fridge notes and relying on your memory to tell you what you need to do when won't save you in December, but your digital calendar will. This little baby rules my world when chaos kicks in. 

Whenever I think of something, i.e. last day of school pickup, teacher gift to buy. Oh, and last-minute catchups (because, weirdly, we always think the world might end on December 31), and pretty much ANYTHING else - it goes in the calendar. 

If you think of something on the run, try asking Siri to schedule for you, that's what she's there for. Get into the habit of doing this and trust me, you'll sleep better and never miss a deadline or event again.

TIP 2: Be ok with saying no

Are you a people pleaser? December can potentially destroy us people-pleasers; we need to stop saying yes and be ok with saying no. It's better to say no upfront than to say yes because you don't want to let someone down, only to cancel either on the day or right before an event. Although it is one way to ensure you're not overwhelmed with invites next year! None of us wants to be that friend. 

On a serious note, overcommitting causes unnecessary stress, not the least for you, so stop being a yes person.


TIP 3: Prioritise

December is not only a tax on your energy and sanity; it's also draining on the bank account, so ask yourself what matters most. 

Are homemade baked goods fantastic? Yes. Will everyone survive if I buy something in a packet? Also, yes.

Do I have to buy an expensive artisan-made, one of a kind mug for my child's teacher, or am I just trying to keep up with the Joneses? Will she even remember who gave it to her? Hmmm.

Should I spend a motser on gifts, or use some of the money to surprise my partner with a romantic weekend away next winter?

You choose.

beautiful blonde woman walking barefoot on wet sand wearing loose linen dress

TIP 4: Embrace ordinary

Lastly, try to remember that Christmas doesn't have to be over-the-top to be wonderful. Simple traditions, such as dressing a tree, baking cookies together as a family and driving around the neighbourhood to look at Christmas lights, are the most memorable. 

That artisan-made mug that cost you an arm? It was probably regifted anyway.

Happy December Angels, you've got this! 🍹



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