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Colour Story: Textured Bisque

Bringing to mind days that feel calm and at ease, the new Lounge arrivals provide textural and warm coloured neutrals, designed for trans-seasonal wear. We paired these with some of our favourite colour inspiration from artists we admire. 


John Zabowa,

Carla Cascales Alimbau,



Liana Swimwear Bralette
Zali Swimwear Top
Zali Sculpt Swimwear Pant
Kiki Swimwear Bralette
Liana Swimwear Top
Mimi One Piece Swimsuit
Zali Swimwear Bralette
Zali One Piece Swimsuit
Coco Meilani Swimwear Pant

A Word From Our Founder

Three years ago, with two young children, I realised that I was never relaxed or comfortable by the water. I didn't have anything I felt good in that I could comfortably move around in. I found it difficult to find swimwear that gave me the coverage and support I so badly needed to keep up with my two energetic boys. 

​I wanted to feel like nothing was going to fall out, I wanted to feel like everything was lifted and supported, and most of all I wanted feel at ease.

​It was then that I embarked on a journey with the goal to make it easier for women to feel happy and confident by the water. 

Today we have a strong community of women behind us, and I want you to know that I see you. I see your messages, and I feel your support. 

 It truly means the world  that you are here!

​- Gemma 

ALULU Founder

Visit our 'journey' page 
HERE to learn more.