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At ALULU, we understand that the journey to feeling good in swimwear begins with the perfect fit, and that's precisely what we offer. Our swimsuits are characterised by a meticulous focus on high-quality materials and internal engineering. Each piece is thoughtfully considered and constructed to support bodies beautifully through every stage of life.


Our Values

We are consciously working towards 100% end to end traceability within our supply chain. ALULU supports culture and a climate that empowers women. We encourage diversity and ensure ethical working conditions for all.

To this end, our senior management team is all female and engages a workforce with significant cultural and religious diversity. Our factory pays award/above award wages. It is regularly audited to ensure staff are paid correctly and environmental requirements are met.

The factory provides workers with flexible working conditions as schools in Bali have two sittings. This allows staff to pick up/drop off children in their care. Workers are paid overtime, sick leave, annual leave, pension benefits and annual bonuses.

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