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To us, the people we work with are an important part of our brand legacy.


Sugi Artini is our Operations Manager at the factory where our linen range is brought to life. Aside from overseeing production for ALULU, she works with over one hundred clients, large and small, private and public, for-profit and non-profit. Impressive to say the least. 


We caught up with Sugi and asked her for some insights into the change she has witnessed in the fashion industry in the last ten years, and the secrets to her success.

Indonesian woman in black top with blue embroidered front arms folded smiling with pulled back hair


Sugi, you’ve worked in the garment industry for ten years. Tell us what was happening when you started? 


"In 2010, retail started to shift dramatically as consumers began embracing online shopping. Millennials led the charge by rejecting traditional brands in favour of start-ups and large, fast fashion brands, while traditional brands began to realise that they now had the ability to access their customers directly and skip their wholesale model, effectively cutting out the small bricks and mortar stores. Everything was in a state of change and evolution, fast tracked by the digital age and the effects of a global economy. 


Now, ten years later we are seeing a trend where consumers are beginning to turn away from mass production and fast fashion to focus on brands that offer quality, slow fashion and sustainability. Brands like ALULU. " 


beautiful blonde woman not smiling touching hat wearing loose natural linen top and pants with a tie at waist sand and rocks in background


You must have worked hard to be where you are today. Do you have any advice for other women who are working hard to advance their career but perhaps aren’t quite there yet? 


"I think to do well, I have had to shape my environment to match my values. It’s important to:  


  • Find a group of people who’ll encourage you to be your best self 
  • Be a maniac about preparation

  • Avoid people with negative vibes as they just consume your energy

  • Be authentic
  • Acknowledge your vulnerability and know your strengths

  • Lastly, no matter what the challenge, never give up on finding a solution "

beautiful blonde woman walking barefoot on wet sand wearing loose linen dress

What do you love most about your job?

  • "Fashion - I just love fashion, it's in my DNA

  • People - I'm surrounded by good people

  • Customers – I love to deliver good product to my customers and see them happy about it.

Being a small brand with big goals and strong values around caring for people and the environment and of course with our love of fashion, it is important to us who we work with. That’s why we’re proud share the faces of ALULU.  

Della Blouse

blonde woman wearing wide leg linen pants and puff sleeve top with waist sash

Della Dress

woman with shoulder length blonde hair not smiling wearing puff sleeve wide loose linen dress and black slide shoes

Della Pant

smiling blonde woman wearing natural linen loose clothing with black slides



We start with the best quality fabrics and design our shapes to be flattering, comfortable, functional and above all, to make you feel good.  

We work hard to make sure you don't have to just "make do" with swimwear that just doesn't fit, feel good, or last the distance.


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